Red Teams

It is well known that the U.S. is very vulnerable from cyber-attacks. How does one help ensure that they are safe from entities such as North Korea, China and Russia? Well you can get the best of the best to make sure your systems are secure. Red Teams are the best of the best.

Red Teams are made up of some of the best computer security experts along with physical security experts. They are all very experienced in their field and experts getting into places they aren’t supposed to. When a company hires a Red Team, no one knows other than a selected few. The Red Team is only given the name of the company and phone numbers to call if they get caught.

The Red Team from there takes the company and starts doing recon. They start out with simple googling of the company, email addresses and use Google Earth for reconnaissance. They eventually move up to port scanning and physical reconnaissance. During their physical reconnaissance they may try and go undercover to infiltrate the company or stay back and do surveillance.

Once they have finished there recon they decide on an attack plan. It can range from a social engineering attack to actually planting a device to get into their system or anywhere in between. They don’t make a big show of it, simply by just put in a new file or take photographic evidence they could do it. Red Teams have experts not only in computer security, but in lock picking, covert surveillance and avoiding detection to help with gaining access to the company as well.

Once the attack is over, a report is made up and the finding are presented to the company. The report may contain patches they need to get or where to place motion detectors. The Red Teams leave no stone in turned.

These teams not only help private companies but the government as well. They work closely with the government and help do these kinds of attacks on their systems. They also may be used to help find terrorists and other government targets.