TalkTalk Suffers Data Breach!

Imagine if Time Warner Cable or DirectTV suffered a data breach that exposed the names, phone numbers, addresses and account number of its customers, you being one of them!

The fourth largest internet-service provider in the U.K., TalkTalk, suffered just this as the involvement of a third party was given complete and legitimate access to customer account details. According to TalkTalk, a small number of customers were at risk, but the number was significant enough for them to investigate and take security precautions in order for this incident to never happen again.

Although not all customers who were at risk suffered a significant loss, some were targeted directly as they were called by the hackers, pretending to be employees of the company, and were asked for their account information. A customer by the name of Graeme Smith noticed a loss of £2,800 in their account once someone claimed to be a member of the TalkTalk fraud team, and tricked him into downloading a software onto his computer, gaining access to his online bank account; also in which his bank refused to compensate for.

For those who have been targeted directly, TalkTalk has been working with them personally in order to protect the customers and be sure that no greater damage is caused. The company has also sent out an email informing customers on their findings of the third party access and a link online for customers to see what steps they need to take in order to be protected. They have also informed them in the email that their employees with never ask for their account information by telephone as insurance, and if you are unsure if you are truly speaking with the company, hang up and call back with the phone number given on it’s website.

-Destiny Pacheco