Uber Car Service Hack

It was revealed February 27th of this year that the one of the databases that the car service Uber owns was hacked on May 13th 2014. The vulnerability was not discovered until September 17th of that year. The information that Uber released appears to show that the vulnerability was only exploited once, and it appears that there were 50000 employees affected by the breach. The database contained the drivers full names and their licence numbers.

Upon discovery of the breach the company changed the access protocols. It does not currently seem like there was any customer information lost, and there only seems to be one instance of unauthorized access. Uber has given its employees a year of free credit  monitoring through the company Experian.

At this point there still does not appear to be any fraudulent activity among any of the 50000 people who were affected. Uber has created a lawsuit which allows them to investigate the intrusion and try to determine the name of the person who did the attack.


Samuel Mosher