Lets Hack a Car

Back in July of this year a competition was being run a competition to have the Tesla Model S open it’s doors, hood, honk the horn, and turn the lights on while the car is in motion.  A team called “yo” was able to gain access to the Tesla through a design flaw in the flow of the car.  Tesla did not officially support the competition but encouraged people to research potential vulnerabilities.  Security company Qihoo 360 said that they would publish the vulnerability, but after a search has not yet reveled what it is.

The unofficial word is that the 6-digit code on the mobile app has been cracked by the team.  They responded with “Be careful when driving in the drain”  they can control your sunroof on your tesla and you are now wet.  Charlie Miller says that users do not know that cars with Bluetooth and gps navigation they have the ability to control physical aspects of your car.

A Tesla is nothing more than a giant smartphone with wheels.  Smartphones are subjected to being jail broken by users and the Tesla can be jail broken.  Through a console under the dash, there is an Ethernet port people can get into the cars OS.  It was discovered that the car runs Ubuntu.  Someone used this discovery to get FireFox to run on the main screen but it was sideways.

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-Evan O’Malley