“Computer terror simulation used to recruit ‘cyber defenders’ “

The United Kingdom is having a contest to test contestants skill with cyber defense.  The ones who are running this contest are members of the National Crime Agency (NCA).  They are hosting the contest on the HMS Belfast, where 42 contests are split into teams.  The simulation is that the guns have been taken control of by hackers and are aimed at the city hall building and will go off when the countdown timer goes off.  The contestants taking part are not working for any cyber-security companies or in the field.  The contest had been started over 10 months ago and had many people competing to qualify for this.  The reason for the contest is that the people in field of cyber-security said they have had a shortage of skill across the country and they are hoping to give them a job in the field if they have the skills they are looking for.  The simulation went on for 48 hours and had a lot of twists and turns. The contestants had to use the 48 hours to see if the threat was real, find the threat and stop it, and gather forensic evidence to use against the hackers.  There is another room that has critical national infrastructure simulations like water systems and power systems. The contestants are taken in this other room and they have to see if the hackers have been in there too.  The ones who are running the simulation say that the simulation could be real and that anything that is internet-enabled is at risk of being hacked.