Data protection around the world

Data breaches are bad all around but they can be worse depending on where you are. Florida has some of the toughest data breach laws in the country and new laws are in the works for New York as well. But if you’re an international company they are much worse because international companies have to deal not only with U.S. data breach laws but also with the laws of other countries. Different countries have different laws regarding data breaches and the cost and complexities can rise dramatically the more countries a business operates in.

Although the U.S. has very heavy privacy laws we don’t have as many laws which protect the users’ rights to their data. One country which has interesting privacy laws is Argentina. In Argentina companies and individuals who want to store users private data must register their databases with the country’s government. Additionally users may demand to see their information and may demand it be changed if it is incorrect, a far cry from laws here where once a company has your data they can do almost anything they want with it. Apparently Argentina modeled their laws on Spain’s cyber laws.


~Drew Heintz