ISIS Hackers A Threat?

The Islamic State is making lots of headlines, from brutal executions to being suspected of trying to carry out an attack in Texas two days ago. They have also been taking the fight online. They have been mostly going after social media pages like the US Central Command, to Tesla motors. They have even managed to take down a French TV network which took multiple channels down and got into their social media accounts.

So far the most debilitating attack has been the French TV hack. The attack consisted of them taking down 11 channels and taking control of multiple social media websites. It happened on April 9th late at night. It took them a few hours to regain control of the TV station and websites. During that time they posted photos of IDs they claimed belonged to French soldiers families with messages towards the soldiers to stay away. This came just months after a deadly attack in Paris where 16 people were killed over a drawing of cartoons and it was suspected ISIS was involved.

The attack was unprecedented and sophisticated  compared to there usually hijacking of social media and websites. So where are these ISIS hackers coming from? Most are recruited into it for the thrill of it or their ideology. They have been able to manipulate social media to help spread their propaganda and spread word of their brutal killings and executions.

While they have a great propaganda strategy they are far from doing any major attacks. Many websites and twitter accounts are hijacked almost everyday they are far from getting in say CENTCOM’s actual computers or shutting down critical infrastructure. Their attacks can be described as vandalism in which they put their ideas somewhere everyone can gain access to them. This doesn’t mean they should be underestimated.

Zane Williams