John Carlin on Cyber-crime: “No Free Passes”

At this year’s RSA Conference, Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice, John Carlin touched on the issues of cyber-crime at a local level but focused more on the existing issue of dealing with international cyber-crime and espionage.
The Issue that exists with cyber-crime is that it can be accomplished remotely by an individual or group. cyber-crime can be committed internationally as the internet is a near global service. However, individual countries have their own policies on cyber-crime that usually differ from one another. If the attacker is committing espionage from an office in Germany to a business in England, who’s laws are to be followed in order to carry out punishment? If a large crime was committed, In most cases the nation who holds the criminal will indict and hopefully punish the criminal. This however is different in the case of nations like China, where cyber-crime is dealt with more leniently if dealt with at all. Carlin explained at the RSA Conference that this is what led to the issue with the People’s Liberation Army.
I believe we may begin to see stricter policy changes to how the united states deals with cyber-crime in the future: both nationally and internationally.
-Jacob Johncox