Large Corporations Cannot Guarantee Privacy

Our modern society depends on big company names such as Apple, Microsoft, and Google to provide safe protected services to satisfy our daily needs. But as it may turn out many of these companies use the information we provide them for their own use. Google is an invaluable everyday resource for people worldwide mostly because it offers its users an individualized experience based on their location and past preferences. However, this user data is continually at risk. Most people understand that services such as Facebook are constantly monitoring their online activities, but everyday users may be uninformed in how they are receiving, storing, and using this data.

No company can truly guarantee the safety of privacy from any service they provide. There is a misconception that all user submitted information on any given website is kept private. The larger corporations like Google try to put customers at ease about surveillance, however many higher up authorities warn that giving such a guarantee will put people at risk because many may come to believe that it is impossible for their personal data to be stolen. Giving people such assurance about their privacy could threaten our national security.

There is a new report published by Electronic Frontier Foundation. It lists 24 different companies rated on security factors including network encryption, transparency, general protection and so forth. Many of which did poorly. How can a large corporation guarantee the safety of private information if they were rated so badly? In particular Verizon, AT&T, and WhatsApp were rated 2 stars or less.

The general population does not think of all the different ways their data may be used. While some companies have increased their privacy protection in recent years others have not come close to their competitors. With how many people there are depending on these large corporations to keep their information safe people should have a greater say in how our information is shared. It’s pivotal that user submitted personal data be kept safe for the owner, therefore companies should instead stop leading their customers into thinking they have a false sense of security so that the average user can become more informed in how private data can remain protected to the greatest degree that it can.


-Ted Kaminski