Apple watch security risks (and benefits)

In short, this article is informing the public about an issue that is overlooked when it comes to apple smartwatches, how “weak” the security on those watches actually is. There are several openings in these apple smartwatches that can be exploited due to their lack of actual security. For example, an apple smartwatch can be easily “bluejacked” a term used to describe a 3rd party gaining access said watch. As a result, the 3rd party can access many parts of the phone and send things like images,sounds, or even viruses to the smartwatch (some of which can take over the phone and listen in on conversations or block out owners control of the phone for however long the hacker chooses). The worst part is, this is not even the worst thing that could happen, when it comes to loopholes in the security of the device. Like all devices that can download apps without restraints, the apple smartwatch is capable of downloading apps which can contain harmful malware that could take on a variety of forms and become difficult to combat. There seems to be a claim that even if the smartwatch is vulnerable to many variations of malware, viruses, and other methods of attack used by hackers, since the smartwatch is tied to apple which is already a target of hackers it does not seem to cause much concern. In fact, since the smartwatch will automatically lock if taken of the users wrist it is presumed to be more safe than a phone if both are left unaccounted for in a public place.