EA Games May Have Been Hacked

Electric Arts Inc. May have been hacked.  While they have denied this claim, a file dump on pastebin contains account and personal information of over 600 customers.  There have been multiple verified sources that clam that the account and personal information is accurate.  Pastebin, much like Github is a website that is open to the public where you can post source code for programs.  As said in the article, “‘Once I’d taken a look at the dump it seems linked to my EA account – a full list of my games appears to be there, along with the email address on the account and password,’ said the gamer, as quoted by CSO Online.”  Luckily, the file dump does not look to be complete.  “The data on Pastebin isn’t complete. While there are email addresses, passwords, dates that look like birthdays, and game listings, most of the other fields from the database are redacted, or they didn’t format properly once the data was downloaded.  Instead, the information is replaced with a series of question marks. At the same time, there are several hundred (~600) accounts listed, each of them with a Gmail address and password, but only accounts beginning with the letters A-F are shown.”  EA denies all accusations that they were hacked and it is possible that the information came from an associated company instead of EA.




By Eric Weitzman