Anonymous: Operation KKK




Anonymous, a well known “hacktivist” group, deemed by critics as cyber terrorists, has targeted government agencies, corporations, and radical groups alike. They recently threatened to release the identities of up to one thousand members of the Ku Klux Klan. This is part of the group’s “Operation KKK,” which was started back in 2014. On October 28th, Anonymous posted this poll on the Operation KKK Twitter page:


Immediately following, Anonymous vowed to release the identities of Klan members they had found by hacking into the KKK Twitter account.

This is the second wave of cyber attacks against the KKK. On November 18, 2014, Anonymous declared cyber warfare against the KKK after they stated that they would attack protesters in Ferguson, MO. In their first offensive, Anons attacked servers hosting Klan and affiliate websites, hacked the KKK’s Twitter account and released person information of members.

Anonymous stated that the identities of Klan members are going to be released on November 5th. They have also stated that they are going to release the names of those who are associated with law enforcement and criminal justice first. Within the last 24 hours, names of alleged KKK members were released by a person who claimed to be a part of Anonymous. These names included the Mayor of Lexington, KY, who denies affiliation with the Klan.  Anonymous denies affiliation with the individual who released the information and stated on Twitter that “ was in no way involved with today’s release of information that incorrectly outed several politicians.”

Robert Abbott