Low-Tech Hacking: Simple and Effective

Hackers were recently able to hack their way into the personal email of the Director of the CIA, John Brennan.  Now this seems like an incredible feat, someone this important must have some of the top notch security practices to avoid incidents just like this.  How did were hackers able to penetrate such defenses?

Well for the hackers it was child’s play.  After learning of Brennan’s phone number, they were able to call Verizon and smooth-talk them to giving the hackers additional personal information such as his email address and the last four digits of his bank card.  Finally they took this email address and went to AOL, where they were able to reset his password.  Now that his email has been breached there is a lot of sensitive data floating around.  The hackers stated that they have sensitive documents regarding CIA personnel like Social Security numbers.

Low-Tech hacking is such an effective form of hacking because it works on systems that will always have flaws that can’t necessarily be patched, us humans.  We can try out best to educate people but you always have to be cautious of your information and just how secure it is.  One way to prevent events like this is to have something called two-factor authentication which means that when you’re trying to reset a password remotely you will have a code sent to your email or phone that you would then have to plug in.  Something small like this could be all the difference in protecting your data.


– Quinn White

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