ISIS hacks 54,000 twitter accounts and posts details of both CIA and FBI heads


Over the past week over 54,000 twitter accounts have been compromised from a recent ISIS hack. These accounts included the head of both CIA and the FBI, the hackers posted personal information such as personal cell phone numbers, passwords, and personal emails. Another victim, a half-British engineer based in Saudi Arabia said “I am horrified at how they got hold of my details.” Most of the victims of this attack are based in Saudi Arabia, but some are feared to be British.

Cyber Caliphate screen shots Twitter hack story ***INTERNET IMAGE SUPPLIED VIA IAN GALLAGHER***

The group behind the hacking is known as Cyber Caliphate, which are apart of ISIS. ISIS’s reason for the hack was recently their top cyber expert, British ISIS extremist Juniad Hussain was killed by a drone attack that was lead by the US. Hussain was also the leader of Cyber Caliphate and the group felt that they should get their followers to help hack Saudi and British twitter accounts as revenge for his death.

Hussain’s twitter came alive last Sunday as someone tweeted “We are back” on it, they also posted a link to a data base that held all of the stolen twitter data, including passwords. Shortly after this the account was suspended and taken down.

The incident came just a day after another group of hackers (Crackas With Attitude) claimed to have gained access to a Law Enforcement Portal that contained tools for sharing info on terrorist events, active shooters, and arrest records. There could be correlation between the two stories as members of Cyber Caliphate popped up on the lists that CWA uncovered.

~ James O’Brien

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