Spy-Proof Smart Phone cases

Edward Snowden and Andrew Huang designed and developed a prototype smartphone case for the Iphone 6 that will protect the privacy of users. Snowden describes root kits from China that installs malware into your smartphone when clicking a compromised website. This malware essentially lets the hacker remote control your phone.

The smartphone case will have a open source to let users verify and see what is happening to their phone while it is running. The engine inside the smartphone case will alert the user if there is anyone else accessing the phone besides the user. A common misconception is that users believe they are safe using airplane mode. This is not completely true because GPS can be active during airplane mode since the 8.2 update.

There are many complications with the smartphone case. First, there isn’t a big market for this technology. Finally, criminals and terrorists could use this for malicious actions.


-Jae Yang