Volkswagen establishes new cyber security company called CyMotive Technologies.

Last week on the 14th of September, Volkswagen had announced that they have formed a new corporation called CyMotive Technologies with the goal of helping to insure that smart cars and self driving cars can be protected from attacks by hackers, who could otherwise potentially threaten the lives of both the passengers of the car and the surrounding pedestrians.

volkswagen-emblemThis company is being co-owned by Yuval Diskin, ex-head of Israel’s Shin Bet Intelligence Agency, along with two other of his colleagues.  Diskin has been a consultant in the cyber security community since he left Shin Bat in 2011, also apparently having worked with Volkswagen for about half a decade before CyMotive was launched.

This is no doubt in response to concerns of safety in a more connected vehicle.  As more and more systems become electronic and hackable, the worry of what a hacker can do to a vehicle remotely have also increased.  This need for security will only increase as we start to see companies making self driving cars, which if hacked could be a massive danger to those on the road.

As it stands CyMotive will be only working with Volkswagen, though perhaps over time it might either offer its services to other automotive companies or inspire similar firms to be developed.

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