Election Day Hack Not Possible?


A threat that is more apparent than ever is the threat of manipulating the upcoming election. Though, experts are saying that this threat is actually very small. The US voting system is fragmented and decentralized(State by State, District by District) creating a safeguard. Also the electronic voting machines are not connected to the internet.

However, state voter databases are managed by private companies. And an unreported number of these private companies have fallen victim to a cyber attack. These attacks have all happened before the voting so the only outcome would be the loss of personal information.

While the results of the election seem to be in good hands, the means of distributing this information is also a target. It was mentioned that a targeted attack at media sites could cause major chaos.

There is talk that denial of service attacks could shut down these media websites for long periods of time, preventing people from actually hearing about the results of the election. I do not think this is a problem that we need to worry about. The election is such a huge deal and the internet is so big – the word will spread regardless.



– Donald Morton