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Is Your Smartphone Really in Danger!!!

There is a lot of talk about a lack of awareness for securing mobile devices.  On a PC we have known and have probably been affected by a virus or malware.  Most smartphone users also believe there device is susceptible to these same viruses.  This is where experts disagree.  Some have advised against using anti-virus software, as it can be bad for the operating system (OS). Anti-virus software makers would like us to be differently.   “You could say that the anti-virus software makers have a great interest in playing up the danger, sometimes bigger than it really is,” says Juergen Schmidt.

The threat of malware or a virus on mobile operating systems differs across platforms.  Android is deemed to be the least secure at this point, though it comes down to not paying attention to where and how you are getting the apps.  Once again Apple is the top dog for the most secure platform as Apps can only be installed through the Apples App Store unless you are jailbroken, but that is a whole seperate story.  Downloading from a trusted source is currently the best type of security.

One of the reasons anti-virus software is discouraged is because it slows down the phone and drains the battery.  All of the manufacturers are trying to get longer battery life and faster phones and an anti-virus app could slow it down and stall that movement foward.  Current anti-virus software is not to the ponit where it is beneficial on smartphones.  The security needs to start in the App Store or the Android Market.  A user must read reviews on apps and in most cases the larger the userbase of the app the more secure it is.  It is also a great idea to see what the app will be using, which is a warning before every download on android.  This does leave open the people that download third party apps but those are downloader beware!!