CSEC-101 Fundamentals of Computing Security

Course Description, Goals, and Topics

Course Description

This course provides an introduction to the fundamental issues, concepts and tools common to all areas of computing security. Topics include identifying attackers and their motivations. Essential techniques will be introduced covering the areas of anti-virus, monitoring, virtual machines, account control, and access rights management. Various security models will be investigated. Concept areas such as confidentiality, Integrity, availability and privacy will be studied. (Prerequisites: None)

Course Goals

To establish a foundation in basic cyber security. The goals of this course include:

  • Identify the risks associated with computer use.
  • Describe the potential computer violations that may occur and the attackers.
  • Describe the methods used in doing reconnaissance against a computer system or network.
  • Explain the financial impact and risks associated with cyber crime. Assessed in an exam.
  • Describe how to prepare and defend against cyber crimes and information theft.
  • Explain the appropriate response should a cyber crime occur.
  • Examine the effects of poor security on an organization or individual.
  • Examine the various roles of a consumer, user, employee, employer, service provider (ISP) and the government in providing a secure computing/networking environment.

Possible Topics

  • Ethics
  • Assets
  • Vulnerabilities
  • Privacy
  • Threats
  • Reconnaissance
  • Risk
  • Defense
  • Response
  • Data Sanitization

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