Assassination through hacking possible?


Threats to high ranking and influential officials may no longer be a lone gunman on a rooftop. A new frightening and precarious threat is evolving and becoming ever more ominous. Car hacking is this new threat. This threat is a subject of recent recalls and news headlines, however this threat is more omnipresent as these headlines may lead people to believe. It is not difficult to envisage that this threat extends to an significant amount of modern automobiles.

The use of the microchip in the automobile has had enumerable benefits, including improving efficiency, safety, reliability, and the drivability. However with these benefits, dangers come with them. For example, the new Mercedes Benz has a system called Intelligent Drive, in their new models available on the market today. This system has the ability, to influence braking, steering, and throttle to keep the car in the lane, and autonomously come to a stop. Most luxury brands have a very similar system in their models. This innovation also opens a door for some very precarious hacking opportunities. All these systems are controlled by a central computer called an ECU. An individual who gains access to this CPU, it is conceivable that said individual could influence the control of the vehicle to do a malicious deed.

Will the headlines of the near future be reading stories of assassinations of influential individuals through hacking? Possibly. However in the current state of technology this form of hacking is difficult and risky. Currently hacking an automobile involve in gaining physical access to the automobile. However as more and more new models become internet connected, this physical access problem that hackers face, may fade away.–car-cyberattack-a-possible-theory-behind-journalist-s-death.html

~Michael Boc