About this Blog

This blog provides an opportunity for Computing Security students to post about information security topics. Fundamentals of Computer Security is an introductory course in information security concepts and is offered through the Department of Computing Security at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The blog is also used with CSEC210-Cyber Self Defense.

Instructors Who Use this Blog

Ben Woelk is Information Security Office Program Manager at the Rochester Institute of Technology. He’s a member and previous co-chair of the Awareness and Training Working Group of the EDUCAUSE/Internet2 Higher Education Information Security Council, a Director at Large for the Society for Technical Communication. Ben blogs on information security and technical communications at Infosec Communicator. He holds a CISSP and ITIL (v3).


1 thought on “About this Blog

  1. This looks like a great project. As a fellow ISF student, I have been blogging about security for the last year or so, and have found it to really deepen my understanding of security topics.

    Best of luck to the cyber self defense students! I look forward to reading some great content!

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